Artwork Specifications

Please read these artwork specifications before you design the artwork to be printed on your packaging.

Fonts and Line Art: Fonts must be outlined (With the text selected, press Command-Shift-O on a Mac, or Ctrl-Shift-O on a Windows machine) or sent along with the artwork files. Font size should be 4 points or larger. Reversed text (knocked out from a solid panel) should be 5 points or larger and preferably bold. Line art (vector) objects should not be thinner than 1 point.


Raster Images: We strongly discourage the use of raster images in screen printing artwork! If raster images have to be used, make sure they are embedded (Linked files always get lost in the shuffle). The minimum resolution for raster images is 300 DPI. Raster images need to be a single color, preferably rendered as Grayscale. The finest halftone dot pattern we can print is 70 LPI (Lines per Inch).

Trapping: Screen printing on objects has a 1/16" tolerance, so when two colors are touching, a 1/16" trap should be provided to cover that tolerance. Simply overlay part of a stroke onto an object and part of it off the edge. Look at the T in the image, it's an example of a trap.

Gaps and Spacing

Gaps and Spacing: Because of the tolerance, it is not advisable to design gaps and spaces between elements that need to be lined up exactly. For example, do not design a box inside a box, or a circle inside a circle, using different colors. The spacing will not be constant and consistent, making the final result look "off". Look at the John Lennon glasses in the image. The left side is how it was intended to look, the right represents what it may look like in reality.

Bar Codes: Bar codes should be rotated on their side (with the bars running horizontally). If the bars are standing upright, the code won't print correctly and it is also more unreliable when scanned. The length of the bars can safely be truncated to about 3/8 of an inch. The code should be at least one inch tall in order to be scanned reliably. You can find out more about barcodes on the official government site.

Color Matching: Amen Packaging does its best to provide exact color matches, however, PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors are labeled as special colors, and allowances must be made for variations in colors since they can not always be reproduced exactly.


Final Artwork Process

Artwork Approval: Amen Packaging must approve all artwork before a job can go to print. Artwork must be in Adobe Illustrator editable files. If you are unable to provide Illustrator files, please let us know as soon as possible. Amen Packaging can create or revise artwork for $100 per hour with a minimum charge of $50. Artwork time begins when customer artwork is received and work begins. Clean up, changes and revisions of artwork will be billed at the same rate as new artwork.

Proofing and Sign Off: The customer is responsible for all spelling, design, color selection and UPC readability. Amen Packaging is not responsible for any errors or omissions that are overlooked by the customer on a signed artwork proof.

Legal Liability: Amen Packaging assumes no responsibility for non-compliance with Local, State or Federal Laws and Regulations, or for conflicts with the rights of third parties in connection with trademarks, design, label content, copyrights or unfair competition.



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