Steel Containers

Steel pails provide a very durable, strong and impervious container.   Utlilized where  chemicals such as hazardous materials are shipped and stored, steel pails are available in nested, open and closed head and straight sided or tapered. 

Steel pails come in different volumes (1 gallon to 7.5 gallon sizes).  Steel pails can purchased in a variety of guages and:

  • buff lined gryy
  • red phenolic lined gray
  • rust-inhibitor lined
  • and unlined 

Steel pails can be either UN or non-UN rated depending on your particular application


We offer steel pails with a variety of covers including:

  • buffed lined
  • unlined gray with reike spot
  • ulined lever locked black
  • and a lever locking ring

Please reach out to one of our sales consultants to assist you in choosing a steel container for your products.  Be sure to ask about silk screening as well.



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