Food Industry and Packaging

Amen Packaging has been servicing the regional food industry for 40 years.  We have consulted with new venture food clients, established companies and companies with multiple and different food offerings.  Their products have been supplied to retail, wholesale, restaurant and catering operations. Our food industry customers span convenience foods, confectionery, dairy, fruits and vegetables, meat, and sauces and dressings. 

There are many considerations when choosing a package solution for food products.  From ensuring the container meets required food and safety (FDA) needs to designing for size and portions, each food product has unique package requirements.  Packaging a new hot sauce has different challenges than a jelly or spice or a syrup. 

Food Jars Cans Local Denver Lids Enclosure  Shink Bands

Amen Packaging will review what's in your product, and how your product is to be dispensed (spoon? poured? shaken? etc.).  With additional information on your specific food product, sales consultants will recommend: 

  • a container type such as glass, plastic (or even metal), depending on size and portions of the product.   These could include wide mouth or long neck bottles
  • cap and closure (there can be thousands of combinations), depending on how the product is dispensed
  • a tamper-resistant shrink band or child resistant cap
  • a container taking into consideration product labeling requirements. And depending on your labeling needs may offer silk screen services to complete the product packaging

Our experience working with local food co-packers ensures that the filling techniques (hot or cold, for example) are achievable with the packaging solution we recommend.  Please visit our industry partner information for additional information.

No matter which specific food product, our goal is to provide you a solution ensuring a safe, long shelf life, and in a container that differentiates your product and makes it stand out on the shelf.



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