Silk Screen Services

A turnkey packaging solution is a complete finished product that can be delivered to our customers and clients.  In a true turnkey solution, Amen Packaging provides a packaging, container, bottle, etc. works with you to refine labeling and customizes that can, bottle, or pail for YOUR product.  After sourcing the package, using silkscreening techniques applies your specific labeling.  The finished container is placed into boxes and shipped to your facility where it's prepared for filling. 

Amen Packaging will:

  • Work with you to select the proper container and any caps or sealers, then
  • Select a package and help in determining labeling.
  • Our Silk Screen professionals review your labeling needs and assist in colors,  layouts, and designs to make silkscreening unique but cost-effective for your product package.
  • Working with our manufacturers Amen Packaging sources your container needs, receives them into our warehouse.
  • Our Silkscreen department creates the screens, inks, and produces the label onto YOUR container.
In House Container Silk Screening
  • From a bare container to a finished, labeled bottle
  • Your custom silkscreen product is then boxed, and then shipped or delivered to your facility



On these web pages you will find information to help understand the printing process and its impact on packaging.  The guidelines, artwork specifications and templates will aid in the packaging, design and print decisions to ensure your label design can be accommodated for the container needed.

  • Silkscreen Guidelines - for information during the label design process
  • Artwork Specifications - sizing, fonts, color matching, bar codes, etc.
  • Print Templates - artwork templates for the layout of your container



Our printing guidelines are recommended reading to find out what will and won't  work on a variety of materials and shapes. Also please check out our artwork specifications page to learn about what works and what doesn't when it comes to screen printing on your container.


Image Template

For containers that are stock items at Amen Packaging, you can find ready-to-use templates on our print templates page. You can also measure your container to determine the print size and layout for your artwork. For Adobe® Illustrator® users, we have built a template script that creates a new Illustrator document with a print template based on the measurements you enter.


For a complete print estimate, and consultation on silk screen production for your container's customization, please feel free to contact us with your request.



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