CBD Industry

The CBD (cannabidiol) industry is witnessing explosive growth (some estimate over $12B by 2024).  The FDA’s 2018 approval of Epidiolex (a purified form of CBD) for treating two types of Epilepsy, sparked even further research into the benefits of CBD oil.   CBD products’ benefits include pain relief, anti-inflammation help, combating neurological symptoms, fighting cancer and the list continues to grow. 


CBD Hemp Bottles Packaging

While the cannabis plant produces THC (which produces psychoactive results), and CBD oils, CBD has no hallucinogenic effects.   CBD oil is extracted and then diluted with a carrier oils such as coconut, olive or hemp oil.   CBD products are being offered in drinks like CBD-infused coffee, lotions, sprays, lip balms and for not only human use, but animals as well (including common household pets). 

CBD Hemp Bottles Packaging

As each CBD product can be dispensed in a variety of ways (tinctures, droppers, capsules, pastes or other topical applications) it’s important to work with a packaging solutions company like Amen Packaging to ensure proper package selection.  Beyond simply selecting a (for example) 2 oz Boston Round amber bottle, our packaging experts can provide other unique packages (such as opaque cobalt blue glass).  We are a local Colorado company and have many bottles and other containers in stock.  Combined with our creative packaging ideas and our in house silk-screening operation, Amen Packaging can provide you a complete turnkey Cannabis oil packaging solution. 

CBD Hemp Bottles Packaging Oil


(Please consult medical expertise prior to using or distributing CBD products.  Background information is provided only to aid in selecting a CBD packaging solution).




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