Food Co-Packers

Co-packers are food processors that have manufacturing capacity and offer their services for a fee.  The commiissary services they provide are often an attractive option for people starting in the food business. And the product and its package must be matched to the co-packer and its available equipment.


Food Co-Packer Amen Packaging Jars Bottles Caps


Amen Packaging works with Co-Packers in Colorado and through our business partnerships can directly provide bottles, plastic containers, caps and even have packaing prelabeld (including utilzing Amen Packagings in-house silk screen operations).  We have delivered both labeled and unlabeled containers to our Co-Packer clients. 


We enoying building a partnership with our customers and co-packers to streamline the package selection, labeling, and delivery of packaging solutions directly to the co-packing facility allowing you to devote more time to core product marketing and other business critical needs.   Please call an Amen Packaging consultant for assistance. 





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