Tin Container Products

Typically, Tin Cans provide a container for many different types of liquids.  From paint and coatings to adhesives and other viscous products  (Viscosity is defined at the thickness or thinness of a product or fluid). 

Amen Packaging offers a wide variety of tin containers for many applications. 

Paint cans are used for:

  • paints
  • coatings
  • adhesives
  • oil-based products
  • and other highly viscous liquids

Amen Packaging offers paint cans in both lined and unlined variety, from ¼ pint to 1 Gallon, along with appropriate lids.

Monotop Cans are typically used solvents, adhesives (such as rubber cements).  We offer a complete line of Monotop cans from 4 ounces to 32 ounces.   

We also offer F-Style Containers which are ideal for use with lubricants, paint thinners, charcoal lighter fluids, motor oils, lighter fluids, insecticides, etc.  Being square these cans are easier to ship and package on shelves.  Amen Packaging offers F-style containers in gallon, quart and pint sizes.


Please call us for further consultation as we’re confident we have a tin container solution that will meet your needs.




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