Glass Containers

Amen Packaging offers several solutions using glass for containing your product.  Glass bottles have become the perfect vessel for certain foods, wine, preservatives, cosmetics, and many other package solutions. 

 Amen Packaging Glass Bottles Food Wine Cosmetics

And glass provides unique characteristics in each industry.  For example, where hot-filling your food product, glass is likely the best choice (withstanding temperatures to 2,000 deg), and where it's important to preserve the taste of your product (such as in liquor, whiskey, and wine), glass bottles ensure your product is not affected by its container (for example when using plastic bottles).  Glass is also resistant to acidic element of picking or preservatives, and therefore has a longer, predictable shelf life.   

Glass containers are offered as bottles (such as Boston Rounds or Woozy), mason jars, carboys, and vials.   We offer glass containers from 200mm to 1.5 liters.   Our glass products come in multiple colors (clear, amber, blue, etc.) to ensure outside light does not affect the contents and different glass types and strength. 

As with most containers, an enclosure or cap for your glass container needs to be selected.  Caps can provide for:

  • tamper evidence, 
  • to seal your product
  • make it child resistant
  • or even misters for spray bottles or cosmetic perfumes
And each screw cap, lid or stopper may need pressure sensitive liners or other closure lining material.  Amen Packaging has the expertise to select the many, many combinations of containers and enclosure that will meet your products needs.


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