Chemical Industry

Amen Packaging services the chemical industry in different markets including both the Industrial and household markets.  The chemical industry presents some of the more challenging packaging requirements.   We have worked with clients serving:

  • Agro-Chemicals, such as fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides used in agricultural manufacturing.
  • Oleochemicals, including food additives.  Oils, fats, and waxes all require special packages.
  • Pharmaceuticals (including vitamins and nutraceuticals are unique and generally constitute their own industry (and packaging) but include many synthetic chemical properties taken into consideration.
  • Industrial Speciality products used in the construction industries,  such as adhesives, sealants, coatings, cleaning products, catalysts and pigments, and inks.  Each product must be analyzed to determine the proper container type including closure.
  • Household products must also take into account consumer regulatory requirements.  These chemicals include simple soaps, to complex dyes and adhesives.


Agro-Chemicals Fertilizers Insecticides Pesticides Oleochemicals food additives.  Oils, fats, and waxes Pharmaceuticals Vitamins Nutraceuticals  Industrial Speciality


Each chemical market and its product has unique product packaging requirements.  Let an Amen Packaging representative assist in finding the correct solution for your product.





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