Packaging Industry Information

The packaging industry encompasses many, many specialties.  This page is provided as a resource to provide our clients and prospective customers insights into more general information about:

Locally, the Denver and Boulder area are served by an organization dedicated to providing a forum for natural and sustainable products as  "Boulder and Colorado’s Front Range communities are on the cutting edge of innovation in sustainable food and agriculture, with a long history of successful business formation and growth."

Naturally Boulder


In addition, there are several industry organizations that facilitate standards and consistent specifications for packaging interoperability and uniformity. These organizations represent packaging suppliers to the benefit of the end users.

 The Plastics Industry Association 
Glass Packaging Institute

The U.S. Food and Drug (FDA) establish standards, guidelines, and requirements for consumer safety.  One example is the Tamper Resistant Packaging for Over the Counter Drugs.  This particular policy guide can be found here

Additionally, the FDA web site has other very useful information useful in ensuring the safe use of your food or drug product.


Lastly, Packaging World offers a wealth of information as the focal point for industry news and trends that you may find interesting. 


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