Package and Container Example Solutions

Throughout the years, Amen Packaging has developed very close business relationships with customers that span several industries.  Our clients have come to rely on us as partners within their business and supply chain, as we have helped them through the complete packaging solutions. A typical customer engagement involves:
  • learning about your business
    • It's history
    • Your existing products (or new ones)
    • How products are distributed ("through food brokers, distributors, direct to end user, or"?)
  • learning about your product(s)
    • Is this an existing product and packaging?
      • Satisfaction with the existing solution, or are there specific issues that need to be addressed?
    • or a new offering?
    • who the target market for the product is,
    • and (for example) how it is intended to be dispensed
  • studying 'Eco' considerations ("Is a package that is biodegradable important?"
  • understanding label requirements on the package
    • is this a new label?
    • how is it to be applied?
    • depending on color requirements, exploring silkscreen opportunities
  • reviewing shipping methods
    • in what quantity will your customer expect this to be delivered ("For food products, are 6-Pack, or 12-Pack a requirement?")
    • hazardous shipping? ("Is UN Packaging to be considered?")

Package Container Example Solutions

The uniqueness of your business, products, and phase development will ultimately determine how we approach this engagement with the ultimate purpose being to craft a packing solution.  And many instances we have sample packages on hand that will provide you a time to more closely examine and test a package with your specific product. 

With our years of experience, a breadth of available products from various suppliers, an iterative approach will provide ample opportunity to zero in on the best solution for you. 


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