UN Package Markings


The following information is provided to you from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (part of the US Department of Transportation).


The DOT has established packaging specifications, testing conformance procedures and package markings to ensure the safe identification, and transportation of hazardous materials.  These standards were derived jointly working with the United Nations and are sometimes referred to as "UN Markings."  From 2010 reference:

"The Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), Title 49 CFR, Part 178, prescribe that all marked and represented hazardous materials DOT specification and UN-standard packaging must be capable of passing all performance tests set forth in the HMR. The performance marking applied to the container is the certification by the manufacturer and/or certifier that the package conforms to all HMR requirements. In addition to required performance-oriented test requirements for marked and certified DOT specification or UN-standard packaging, the HMR prescribes certain capability and prototype testing for non-DOT specification or non-standard packaging. Examples of capability testing include the requirement that all non-bulk packaging be capable of passing vibration testing; the requirement for internal pressure testing capability for all liquid-rated packaging offered for air transportation; and prototype drop and stack testing for small quantity packaging.

The HMR provides that representatives of the U.S. Department of Transportation may request manufacturers to demonstrate the performance capabilities for packaging for which they have applied certification markings or otherwise represented performance capabilities in accordance with the HMR, or provide samples for independent verification testing by the Department. In addition to other oversight and inspection duties and functions for packaging manufacturers, remanufacturers, reconditioners, repair facilities, testing facilities, etc., the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Office of Hazardous Materials Enforcement (OHME), verifies and validates performance capabilities for non-bulk and intermediate bulk containers (IBC) by subjecting such packaging to HMR performance testing for compliance determination purposes. Packaging failures determined during Validation Testing may be pursued as enforcement actions by PHMSA." 

Amen Packaging can assist you in choosing the correct package to ship your product.  Subsequently, you can refer to the DOT guidelines to determine the type and size for shipping and to ensure that the container meets 49 CFR.




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