"Packaging 101" - Getting your product into the proper container

The result of your product (the recipe, the mixture, the chemical compound, the collection of materials) has to be packaged into a container.  The choice of bottle, tin, plastic tube, or pail, are just one of the decisions that have to be made before the results of your intellectual property are packaged and delivered to your customers. 

While the 'things' packaged inside your bottle, pail or container are ultimately what your customers use, the package, label and contents are critical parts of your product's brand.  Do you remember the last time you shopped for salsa, or paint, or shampoo?  All of the retailers selections on the shelves were almost dizzying!  But it was the package, the label and the brand that made ONE of those retailer's products standout from the rest on that shelf. 

And choosing a container involves understanding your product's chemistry, how it will be shipped, necessary shipping information, how it will be sealed or ultimately dispensed and the total package durability requirements.  Amen Packaging's sales representatives are experts in helping you to not only choose the proper container, but can also assist and produce the labeling to ensure your product meets labeling guidelines and regulatory agency requirements for disclosure.


When choosing a packaging solution, we've provided a collection of useful background information to assist in arriving at a container for your product.  This "Packaging 101" section is your introduction into the nuances of producing your product into a container that will make your product stand out from your competition.

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Glass vs. Plastic
  • Plastic Container Types and Information
  • Glass Information
  • U.N Marking
  • Plastic Recycle Information




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